Underwriting Ops

Underwriting Ops

from 250.00

Underwriters will be acknowledged in the journal. 100% of these proceeds will go directly to these opportunities.

Nursery School Underwriting Opportunities

$250 - Children’s Library - to fund new books for our children’s library

$500 - Outdoor Classroom - for upkeep and maintenance of our new outdoor classroom

$750 - Tools and Materials - to purchase of all-weather materials and tools for use in our new outdoor classroom

$1,500 - School Computer - to purchase MacBook Pros for classrooms and other school administration

$4,000 - Teacher Training - to sponsor one staff member to attend training at the renowned Reggio Emilia early childhood education school in Italy

Hebrew School Underwriting Opportunities

$250 - Royalties for the Purim Spiel - to fund royalties to the creator of our annual Purim Spiel

$500 - Choreographer for Musical - to salary the choreographer for the Hebrew School musical

$600 - Backdrop Rental for the Musical - to fun the backdrop rental for the Hebrew School musical

$2,000 - Lighting Rental for Musical - will be to rent lighting equipment for the Hebrew School musical

$4,000 - Additional Hebrew Lab Teacher - salary for one additional Hebrew Lab teacher to teach one day a week for the 2016-2017 Hebrew School Year

$4,800 - Sound System Rental for Musical - rental of 24 head mics for 24 Hebrew School actors